Taking Stock of the Situation

It’s that time of year when Lori goes into battle with income taxes made more complicated by the byzantine rules of selling company stock acquired over decades of employment. Multiple stock splits, varying unrecorded cost basis and confusing tax code enhance the pain. The consolation is that this is the last year contending with this. Sort of.

End of the Line

Yesterday Lori sold her 2019 Audi to an Elmira dealer. She had done her homework and got a fair price and the dealer got a very nice car in superb condition (which went on their market within a couple hours of the transaction). Lori liked the car a lot but had to make room in the garage for the next automotive adventure coming in a few weeks. More on that later but for now let’s just say we won’t be acquiring any vehicles with internal combustion engines again. The future is now!

Cascadilla Gorge Trail Revisited

For a long time last year the Cascadilla Gorge Trail in Ithaca was closed for trail repairs and then peripheral construction work. Today we were pleased to revisit this beautiful easy trail early enough in the day to avoid almost all other visitors. That’s remarkable given this lovely gorge cuts right through downtown Ithaca near the Cornell campus. It’s a gem right there in the middle of town.

Birthday Celebration

Fireworks, picnics, family get-togethers: it’s that time of the year for the national celebration of Lori’s birthday. If she’s not so keen on another birthday, everyone else seems to be in an extra-festive mood this year, possibly due to a rebound effect from the Covid malaise. Regardless, those of us on Lori’s periphery are reaping benefits from birthday generosity and well-wishing. Happy birthday Lori, keep ’em coming for the next several dozen years.