Handy Gesture

Lori was experimenting with an air-dry clay craft she could work on with the grand-kids. Everything went smoothly with the colorfully-painted cupped hand until Lori tried to pack it up. A finger broke off and Lori tried to repair it with glue and a band aid.  Unfortunately the glue didn’t take and the finger fell off.  It did so in a revealing way.

The resulting gesture created with the failed repair made the piece more, um, Lori-esque. More than likely she herself made the same gesture when she discovered the flawed repair.  (Or at least robustly vocalized a similar sentiment.)

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life

– Oscar Wilde

With Phamily in Philadelphia

Lori and I enjoyed a long-weekend visit with Naomi and Rich (Lori’s brother) and their children and grandchildren (all above average) in North Wales, PA (a little north of Philadelphia).

Among the highlights, we spent a day at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, particularly enjoying the featured The Impressionist’s Eye exhibit and the Yoshitoshi Japanese woodblock print exhibit.

Elsewhere in the museum, I was very pleased to see several well-known Thomas Eakins paintings–he was a favorite since my childhood. And of course there were other numerous immediately-recognizable masterpieces from all over on view.  We didn’t have time to take it all in but that’s why we apparently can return for more another time.

CMOG: New Glass Now Exhibit

Lori and I had the pleasure of visiting Corning Museum of Glass‘s New Glass Now exhibit, an extraordinary display of contemporary work from artists all over the world. We were highly impressed by the skill and creativity showcased in this spectacular collection beautifully displayed by the Museum.  See it if you’re anywhere in the vicinity!

Birthmonth Extravaganza Begins

Lori, a patriotic American, was born on the 4th of July but we choose to celebrate not just her birthday but her birthmonth. A joint birthday celebration dinner with our friends Bill (birthday on July 3) and Anne and their daughter Sydney is now a traditional kickoff for the month’s observances.

A hike, preferably in insufferably hot humid weather, is another kickoff event for the month.  This year we cut things a bit short and enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the Cascadilla Gorge Trail after enjoying breakfast and coffee at Collegetown Bagels.

Next up, we’ll have a nice dinner at Gola Osteria, joined by Mike and Kali. Eventually we’ll get back to a proper heat-prostration-inducing hike designed to delight Lori as she marvels at Paul’s inability to cope with miserably oppressive tropical heat and humidity.  Yes, just non-stop fun for all of July.  Happy birthmonth Lori!


NYC, June 2019

Lori and I enjoyed our annual long-weekend jaunt down-state where we visited with Stella who expertly (and fearlessly) drove us in to Manhattan on a couple days for touring, museum-watching, eating and drinking. New York City seems to be in a frenzied building boom every time we visit. We explored some of the more recent projects including The Shed, The Vessel, The Oculus, and the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial.  Then it was off to old-favorite museums and new-discovery restaurants.  What an amazing place.

Canoeing Owasco Inlet

In what has become an annual tradition for us, we canoed on Owasco Inlet on a flawless Spring day. An easy 5-mile round-trip paddle amidst dense lush woods provided a welcome diversion.

Wet Spring Suits Waterfalls

Lori and I took advantage of a beautiful spring weekday to take a walk in Robert H. Treman State Park, one of the gems within a few minutes drive from home. The wet cool spring has been very good for lush vegetation and robust waterfalls.

Lori 2.0

Twelve years ago Lori acquired a new Toyota Prius and put 137,000 miles on it over years of mostly trouble-free use.  She has traded it in for a new Audi A3.  It’s bolder, sportier, and much more fun (much like Lori). Of course Lori does bold and sporty in a careful and responsible manner so this is not an outlandish impulsive leap. You can bet she’s factored in speeding-ticket fines in the total cost of ownership.

Congratulations to Lori on her wonderful new (belated) retirement present to herself.

Venice visit

Lori and I had the great pleasure and privilege to visit Venice for a week. We thoroughly enjoyed the extraordinary city and learning about its history, art, and culture.