About Paul Duncan

My sister and me c. 1957

Now well along the brambly path to geezerhood, I spent most of my career working the software side of computer science. I’ve worked on flight control systems for jet engines, mainframe operating systems, and the nascent field of federated search technology for libraries.  I’ve worked for giant corporations, a tiny startup, and myself.  Along the way I picked up a few patents, plunged into a broad array of skills and technologies, and had some remarkable experiences with geniuses and morons, lunatics and visionaries.

All during this time, in fact going back to my childhood, I’ve had an off-and-on infatuation with photography.  It started when I was a wee lad watching my father develop film and make prints in the makeshift kitchen darkroom.  Later I started shooting 35mm film cameras, then large format (4X5 film), medium format, and eventually digital.  The transition to digital was easy and natural for me as it meshed very nicely with my comfort with math, software, and technology.  I’m certain we’re in for more amazing leaps in photographic technology catalyzed by the digital revolution. I don’t miss film in the least.

Although I’ve sold prints, licensed images, won contests, and been published in magazines, that’s all been side effects from my indulgence in photography.  I can’t imagine this would be nearly as much fun if I had to make a living from it.  I’m free to pursue whatever gets me jazzed along the way.

The biggest rewards for me come from the process of photography.  It causes me to slow down, pay more attention, and appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Sometimes I get a good picture too.

I post many of my images to Flickr.

Occasionally I get print requests.  It’s not something I’m pushing, but if you’re interested, check out my Fine Art America site.