Lori coined a new word.

My new pair of dress shoes arrived today. They replace my 25-year-old combination wedding and funeral shoes that might have looked fashionable on the Lawrence Welk Show.

I slipped the new guys on and they felt very comfortable right out of the box. They look contemporary without being flamboyant. There’s no sign that a geezer will be driving them around wedding venues and nice restaurants.

I strode into the kitchen to show them off to Lori as she prepared lunch. She enthusiastically approved blurting out “they look nice–it’s great you’re getting youthanized!”

past tense: youthanized; past participle: youthanized
put a style or behavior to death humanely.
“older styles should be youthanized to save embarrassment”

I’m not entirely comfortable with the newly-minted homonym but I understood her intent. I think.