We are fortunate to live in a place with easy access to a multitude of beautiful natural areas within a few minutes drive of our house.  Among those is a little gem, the Stevenson Forest Preserve, part of the Finger Lakes Land Trust.

This preserve, at 83 acres and less than 2 miles of trails, makes up for its modest size with some beautiful (and rare) 150-year-old hemlock woods as well as several other distinct woods and a large variety of other features.  Oak, maple, ash and many other trees provide a canopy over vernal pools, ferns, and a wide variety of sylvan vegetation.  Mature old woods and expanses of young saplings share the hilly landscape. One trail leads a short way to an open field along the woods edge providing a nice vista to the east.

This site packs a lot into its diminutive size and provides a beautiful and relatively quiet alternative to the bigger, better-known parks in the area. We look forward to returning in the Spring to enjoy a completely different experience as nature goes through its cycles.