Businesses and customers in Ithaca and Tompkins County have been very responsible in observing best practices when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and the health department numbers are a testament to that commitment.

Gimme! Coffee, our favorite among many very good coffee shops in the area, has a sign outside their State Street shop listing the rules: “Wear A Mask, Social Distance, No Shenanigans!”.

Of those three, can you spot the directive that exceeds the CDC guidelines? Yes, No Shenanigans! goes above and beyond the minimal standards for responsible behavior during the pandemic.

We heartily endorse the No Shenanigans! rule and urge other businesses to adopt it as well. In fact, it should be adopted across the board for local, state, and federal government too. Imagine how much better our lives and experiences would be with a universal No Shenanigans! policy in place.

Brilliant, Gimme! Coffee, we applaud you.