Trail Leads Over a Hill and Past a Lone PineTwo changes are afoot.  First, I moved my Web site to after quite a few years hosting it on my own virtual private server (VPS). This will reduce my costs and eliminate the time I spend staying ahead of the jerks and idiots incessantly trying to break into or spam my server.

The second change is with my photographic interest.  I’ve been spending more time with black and white images, in particular how they provide new insight into the success or failure of my efforts. It’s as if color distracts the eye from major structural flaws which are revealed when a conversion to black and white is done. In some cases, recognizing tonal failings in the black and white version can reveal adjustments to improve the processing of the color version.  So, don’t be alarmed dear viewers (all 2 of you): future postings featuring black and white images are intentional.  For the most part.