Lori arranged for Makayla and Nathan to visit us for a couple days. She thought they might like to see the ducks at our neighbor’s farm across the street.  Anne and Bill of Toad Hill Farm turned it into a major event to the delight of all.

First stop was the ducks, including one who has a role in an upcoming NBC crime program.  From there we moved over to the chickens and then went inside to harvest some eggs for Nathan and Makayla. Then it was over to see the young pheasants and finally the turkeys.  Bill was ever-patient answering the barrage of questions coming from all directions (including Lori and me).

Bill then fetched some fishing gear and brought us to the farm’s pond which is stocked with a variety of fish.  After some initial gear confusion, we got things to the point where Nathan was able to cast his lure into the pond.  It didn’t take more than a few tries for him to get the first and only fish of the day.  Meanwhile Bill and I caught our limit of pond grass and we reached our limit of fishing relaxation in short time.  Makayla was more interested in the frogs.  Lori mostly mocked us as she mistook skilled technique calibration for inept bungling.

We all then retired for iced tea and apple cider to recount the adventures with appropriate embellishment.  Bill and Anne went way “above and beyond” to treat us to a fun and memorable day, one that was a huge hit with Makayla and Nathan.