Paul and Lori

Every 5 years or so I convince Lori to join me in creating a couples picture—just us. She was enthusiastic when I floated the idea recently so I sprang into action getting everything set up.  I think her enthusiasm faded a bit when I dragged out a power drill and hand mixer for props.  I don’t think this homage to action/adventure movie posters is quite what she had in mind; maybe something more like what those nice people at Sears or Olan Mills produce.

I now have another 5 years or so to come up with a couples portrait concept that will get Lori back in the mood again.  I have several great ideas: maybe a tribute to Leslie Nielson and Julie Hagerty in the extraordinary film, Airplane. Or maybe something related to The Three Stooges. Or vampires.  Anyway, like I said, I have years to work out the details but I know she’ll love it.