The variety of wildflowers growing in our field throughout the season is striking. Meeko (one of our cats) joined me while doing a little bit of a photo inventory of what’s in bloom right now. She kept up quite a monolog throughout but I didn’t quite understand what she was saying–I think it was something about Schrödinger’s mouse and the Copenhagen interpretation but I could be wrong.

Daisies and red clover

Anyway, the spring carpet of daisies has diminished to a few sorry specimens, replaced by a profusion of summer wildflowers on display. The red clover always seems to be around. We got a few pictures but certainly didn’t do a thorough job. We didn’t get around to the orange and yellow Hawkweed, Joe Pye Weed, Goldenrod, or any other of a number of flowers in bloom but maybe we’ll do another session another day. I just hope Meeko gets away from her obsession with quantum mechanics by then.