Deck railing

We recently completed installation of our deck cable railing, which was designed and fabricated by Keuka Studios, making us street-legal and building-code-compliant. We didn’t like the idea of maintenance headaches for the typical pressure-treated lumber railings. We’ve had experience power-washing and staining them and it’s no picnic. After looking at options, we decided on the nice clean look of stainless steel cable railings with low maintenance and minimal visual obstruction. We provided the measurements to Keuka Studios and they fabricated the powder-coated steel posts, sapele wood top railing (similar to mahogany), and provided all the cables and fittings necessary to install it.

Cable railing detail

I was able to install it myself without any major problems and we really like the final result–it’s just what we were hoping for. Ours is what Keuka Studios calls their Ithaca style, characterized by clean simple lines. They build other styles as well to any custom specifications.

As much as we like the end result, our project was riddled with screw-ups by Keuka Studios. They built and shipped the railing system within the quoted time but there were a couple problems: 2 of the 10 intermediate posts were missing the grommets used to mitigate corrosion between the metal of cable and posts, and they forgot the wood top railing. Within a week they shipped the wood for the top railing but to the wrong address and provided an obsolete phone number to the shipper to contact us. Eventually the trucking company contacted me by email and we discovered the addressing screw-up and they contacted Keuka Studios to authorize shipment to the correct address. After another week I found out they hadn’t done this and we tried again. Eventually Keuka Studios authorized the correct address but still gave the wrong phone number so the dispatcher was never able to contact me. Meanwhile, after a couple requests, Keuka Studios mailed out the missing grommets, but to the wrong address so I never got them. After another attempt, they finally sent them to the correct address and the top railing wood eventually showed up on a tractor trailer one afternoon.

Maybe Keuka Studios packed all their screw-ups for the year into their dealings with me, saving others similar issues. I would hate to think this is a common theme for their customers. They have a very nice product, well-made, and they eventually made everything right but it sure got frustrating getting everything straightened out.