Banana is a snack? sculpture

Neighbors recently visited our new home with a welcome basket full of garden goodies, wine, and, the pièce de résistance, a work of fine art. While the sculpture stands on its own, a little context will explain why it has added profound meaning for me. A long time ago, I posted a parody on Flickr which this neighbor stumbled upon and found amusing to the point of wondering if perhaps I wasn’t the purported most boring man in the world after all. At any rate, the banana theme has played out a few times culminating with this extraordinary and thoughtful gift.

Surprisingly, the work has caused some amount of fervid discussion between Lori and me. I, of course, wish to proudly display the art in our living area to share with family, friends, and neighbors. Lori insists that, since the work was intended for me, it should be in my office, not the main living area. I’m touched that she is so considerate that she wants me to have almost sole appreciation for this stunning piece. She seems quite concerned when visitors arrive, fearing they may see the sculpture as we offer tours of our new home. She suggests it be boxed up and in the closet. Clearly Lori is deeply concerned about this valuable piece and fears it may be damaged by admirers. What a considerate wife she is! I try to assure her that we may safely display our art work and she keeps assuring me I should be the exclusive beneficiary of its beauty and inspiration. I’m speechless. Almost.

Normally I would, of course, name the profoundly thoughtful person who has so moved us with this magnificent piece. However, he is an estimable person of high-ranking position in our town and, realizing not everybody in this town shares the sophisticated appreciation of fine art that we do, it is best that we simply say that he is a valued and thoughtful friend.