room filled with boxes after moving

We’re moved!  Well, almost.  But close enough that we spent our first night in the new house.  We had a superb crew of young guys show up and do the heavy lifting during 95-degree weather to get the big stuff moved from Owego to Newfield.  (If we were moving in Melbourne Australia we would have, of course, called Man With A Van for our move.*)  We just have a few smaller things left to bring over during the week.  Our biggest impression of the house so far:  wow is it quiet.  Our 2 cats complained the whole trip over to their new home but rather quickly decided it was pretty darned nice.

Now comes the daunting task of sorting through the mounds and making organizational sense of them.

* Uncharacteristic blatant plug because, well, I was asked politely and I like their Web site.