East view from the house during a rainUpdates have been sparse lately, due primarily to a dead computer, but I’m back. In a nutshell, the house is nearly done.  In fact, it’s so nearly done, we have a temporary CO (Certificate of Occupancy from the Newfield building inspector) meaning we essentially can move in.  The CO will become permanent once the finish grading, seeding, and mulching are done.

Meanwhile, we had Cortland Floorcraft in to create a tile back splash in the kitchen and to put in a ceramic tile floor in the entrance.  A local husband/wife team came in and did an outstanding job installing the carpet in bedrooms and loft; they did a very neat and tidy job in miserably hot conditions.  Matt finished a long list of chores and will be back when we get our deck railing to finish the last few remaining details.

We have even started moving.  We’re hauling loose or delicate items and leaving the big moving fundamentals for later this month when we rent a truck and hire some help to finish the job.

Some time after everything settles, we’ll do some post-mortem on how this whole project worked.  We had some disappointments and made some mistakes but we’re ending up with a house that we’re very happy with and we want to give credit where credit is due.  And we’ll talk about Time Warner.