Our house is nearly complete!  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, both for us and for our builder, Matt.  Our sand-filter septic system was installed, plumbing hooked up, a large robust deck built along the east (back) side of the house, ceramic tile backsplash installed, driveway installed, preliminary grading complete, and a slew of other jobs completed.  There are only a few items left to do before we start moving in.  First we have to get past the Certificate of Occupancy inspection and water tests.

Lori and I continue to chip away at patching, painting, and whatever else we can do to move things along.  We pulled 220 feet of coax cable through buried conduit over the Memorial Day weekend.  It was a bit dicey but persistent stubbornness got the job done.

My computer has died, along with my ability to process images so a comprehensive set of final photos will have to wait until the new system arrives around June 10.  Ever onward!

A deck wraps around the east and part of the north sides of the house