Over the last couple of weeks, Matt has chipped away at an seemingly endless list of tasks as we progress toward the final stretch of home building.  Most of the kitchen appliances are in.  After Matt installed the over-the-range microwave, he built the venting duct work out the side of the house and then built some tidy crown moulding over the kitchen cabinets to obscure the view of the duct work.

Crown moulding above kitchen cabinets

We covered the kitchen floor with bamboo flooring as an extension of the open living room area.  We like the look a lot.  It’s supposed to hold up well but time will tell.

Bamboo floor in kitchen

Lori and I continue to plug away at painting and we’ll wait for the ground to dry out a little before the final grading can be done.  We’re getting eager to get this wrapped up but there’s still a lot to do.