Highlights at our Newfield home include the following:

  • Matt completed the custom oak stair railing leading to the loft area.  We had seen his style at another home he built and asked him to do the same thing for our home.  It turns out this is the third time he’s done this.  We like the style for it’s distinctive look and as an attractive alternative to traditional railings.
  • The bamboo flooring is in the process of being installed. We chose bamboo, after a lot of research, for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s a renewable resource, much more so than other hardwood floor alternatives.  Second, this particular brand claims to be among the hardest and most durable of the wood floor alternatives.  We went with Cali Bamboo and are quite pleased with the way it’s turning out.  Matt had not installed bamboo flooring before, but has had enough experience with very hard wood floor installations to be ready to deal with its challenges.  The look is an acquired taste but we think it works very nicely with our desire for a more relaxed informal look to the house.
  • We continue to chip away at the painting, mostly dealing with the stuff that would be much more tedious to deal with at later stages.  We’ve painted the bathrooms, 320 feet of baseboard (before installation), the master bedroom, kitchen, and various other miscellaneous bits of trim.  This will make it much easier than if we waited until all flooring was installed, bathrooms fully-deployed, etc.