It’s been another week of great progress at the house.  We’re getting anxious to get to the finish point, as is Matt.  We’re busily ordering kitchen faucet, cabinet handles, various lights, and other odds and ends to have everything available when ready for installation.  Our kitchen counter gets installed next week and bamboo flooring gets delivered this week.

The only significant fly in the ointment at the moment is money.  The bank carefully crafts everything to protect themselves and conform to a simple rigid checklist presided over by committed bureaucrats.  The only problem is building a house is a highly complex operation involving all kinds of schedule burps, sub-contractor availability, weather contraints, etc.  So, even though we’re nearing completion of the house and Matt has been doing an extraordinary job, we supposedly can’t get the money we borrowed to help build it because the sequence that Matt has done things doesn’t conform to brittle bank requirements. The bank would gladly free up our money once the house is complete but what’s the sense of having a construction loan if it doesn’t provide funds to construct the house? Do you sense some frustration?  You haven’t heard anything yet!  Wait until my final rant once we get this thing done in a few weeks.