This past week has been very busy at our Newfield home building site.  After Matt’s push to get plumbing and electric finished and inspected, he brought in Sunrise Insulation to apply spray foam insulation in roof sections and exterior walls that were not already insulated by the modular company. Although I wasn’t able to be there to see it, Matt kindly provided several pictures of the progress:

spray foam insulation expands out from the dormer wall framing where it was appliedspray foam insulation is trimmed back flush with wall framingspray foam insulation excess is trimmed back to wall framinga dormer has spray foam insulation trimmed back flush with framing

The foam insulation already makes a huge difference in the feel of the house and it makes it quieter too. It gives us great confidence we’re going to have a very efficient and comfortable house free of major heat leakage or drafts. The insulation was applied and trimmed in one day and it was immediately followed the next day by the crew from Choice Drywall and Insulation from Van Etten, NY who started hanging the drywall.

A drywall installer applies compound to part of a ceiling seam.Billows of spray foam insulation in the roof are about to be closed off as drywall is installed in the closet walls.The complex shapes of a dormer are enclosed in drywall before seams are finished.A drywall installer on stilts is applying joint compound to a seam between wall and ceiling.

When Lori and I visited the house this weekend, we were amazed by the progress that had been made this past week. Also, it’s the first time since the house was installed that we had seen the living and dining area without the wide room-length scaffolding overhead. Matt suggested adding dropped sections to the ends of the living/dining ceiling area. He framed them up and the drywall guys finished them off so that now we have the impression of a tray ceiling over the area. It was a great suggestion, well-executed, and we like how nicely it adds to a finished and integrated look.

Loft view of tray ceilingLoft area, drywall nearly doneLori checks out closets in drywalled bedroom.Bedroom with dormers requires careful drywalling of complex shapesLori stands in the loft area that will eventually have a railing across the open area.East end of the house with one of the few remaining sections to be drywalled.

It was an exciting tour this weekend and we love how things are coming together. We spent some time appreciating how the late afternoon sun played through the windows and imagining what the finished project will look like. It’s happening quickly now.

Among the things we admire and appreciate about our general contractor, Matt Ness, we’ve grown an appreciation of his years of experience working with subcontractors and culturing relationships with the ones that share his devotion to quality workmanship and professionalism. We are routinely impressed with the people Matt brings in to work their trade specialties. We wish our record of selecting contractors was anywhere near as good as Matt’s. We’ve come to understand how important that aspect of a good general contractor really is.