This weekend at our home construction site we noted the large amount of work Matt has accomplished with the electrical wiring.  Upstairs plumbing is roughed in as well.  The geothermal guys have made significant headway with the duct work.  Part of that effort entailed routing a large HVAC pipe through a small space.  We had to make a small compromise with framing to accommodate it but it’s the best that could be done given the upstairs was not designed to accommodate duct work at all.

We are recognizing, more than ever, how much work Matt and crew have had to do to turn our modular deliverable into a home.  Yes, it takes the site crew only a day to set the modules for the house but there is an incredible amount of work left to get all the systems hooked up, finish the second floor shell, install all the electrical wiring, plumbing, etc.  We won’t even get into all the work Matt has had to do to fix problems with the modular deliverable itself:  everything from missing parts, incorrect installation, major adjustments, repairs, and general screw-ups.  This was not the modular company’s finest work but Matt’s doing everything necessary to make it all right.  More on that later when we give the modular company its report card after everything is done.