Second floor framing is essentially complete (master bedroom, bathroom, loft area) and we’re very pleased at the way things are shaping up now that we can visualize the layout better.  The geothermal crew is progressing with the heating/cooling duct work.  Once that is complete and Matt finishes the wiring, the spray foam insulation crew will do their thing soon, followed quickly by the drywall crew.  Things are moving along at a good pace now and we’re trying to keep up with odds and ends like paint selection, lighting fixtures, etc.

Meanwhile, we’ve been thoroughly enchanted with the warm hospitality shown by our future neighbors.  Bill and Anne, across the street, have had us over a couple times, sharing fabulous food and drink and introducing us to others in the area.  They’re generous, accomplished, and interesting people.  Barry and Midge, our “next door” neighbors are, as always, warm and entertaining; it’s looking like Barry and I will be collaborating on various mischief from time to time.  There’s even been email contact from someone with a shared interest in photography and a shared admiration for our builder, Matt; I hope to meet Michael in person one of these days.  We get more and more eager to move to our new home and get settled in.