It was another good week at the home building site.  We have basement stairs! It seems like such a luxury after months of climbing a tall rickety step ladder to get up into the house.  Matt and crew made a lot of headway with installing windows and part of the siding on the garage, installing the garage doors, and framing the second floor areas.  (Although the house is a modular, the upstairs part was delivered entirely unfinished, so Matt starts with an empty shell and builds from there as he would for a stick-built house.)

I just remembered one other bit of activity from a couple weeks ago.  The mounds of topsoil piled on the property, waiting to be plowed back for final grading at project completion, have been seeded and mulched.  Winter is setting in and nothing will grow now and it’s going to be all plowed out in a couple months you say?  It doesn’t matter.  Apparently our tax dollars are funding a DEC (Department Of Environmental Conservation) guy to, among other things, keep track of idle piles of dirt and invoke clauses in the Soil and Water Pollution Prevention Plan that require mounds of dirt to be mulched and seeded upon sitting idle for 24 days.  The DEC bureaucrat gets on the town building code guy’s case and he visits Matt and gives him what-for.  Mulch and seed no matter how absurd the circumstance–them’s the rules.