While nothing in the rest of our home construction process will match the visual drama of the modular installation, there has been good progress made on a number of fronts:

  • Windows and doors have been installed in the house shell.
  • The well water line has been run to the house.
  • The electric, cable, and telephone lines have been buried, running from a pole at the road to the basement of the house.
  • Various internal work has been done such as installation of the ceiling rafters, prep for pouring basement floor, etc.

Also, we secured financing for remaining parts of construction.  We had excellent credit ratings, a healthy financial foundation, and the mistaken view that this would make it relatively straight-forward to secure some financing.  Boy were we wrong!  More on the nightmare with the credit union (whose name I can’t bring myself to speak) once my blood pressure is low enough to talk about it without risking a stroke.  Lori stubbornly slogged through the grinding fiasco for weeks after I wanted to pull the plug and go to another bank.  She got it done despite the credit union’s concerted efforts to sabotage it all along the way.