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On Wednesday of this week, the components of our house from Westchester Modular Homes were delivered to our site on four trailers.  Also, a large crane was positioned into place.  On early Thursday morning the  set crew and crane operator began work. We watched, as the day progressed, as each of the major house components was lifted and positioned in place.  The crane was used to lift each half of the house onto the foundation and then raise the hinged roofs into position, followed by the placing the top roof components.  Next, it lifted the 3 dormers onto the roof and finally raised all the roofing materials required by the set crew to button up the house to be weather-tight.  It was impressive to see this feat choreographed to perfection during the course of the day.  Our builder, Matt, now has a withering and seemingly endless list of things to complete over the next couple months.

We were accompanied throughout the day by Midge and Barry, two of the most gracious, generous, entertaining people we have met.  From the very beginning of our adventure, they have been immensely helpful in sharing tips, providing contacts, introducing us to neighbors, and opening their home to us as we progress through the building process. It’s our extraordinary good fortune to have them as neighbors–in our estimation, they single-handedly double the value of our new home.