a crew places and connects precast concrete panels for our home foundation

Installing the foundation, viewed from road side.

Our foundation was installed today. The site crew with their crane and a few truckloads of precast custom concrete panels arrived from Superior Walls and delicately placed tons of foundation pieces gently into place, connected them up in perfect alignment, and left us with a complete foundation ready for sill plates and home modules later this week.

Our builder recommended the precast foundation because of substantial cost savings over a poured foundation, combined with great structural strength, integrated insulation, and high quality casting in a controlled environment.  The view in the picture left is from the side that will be facing the road.

The view on the right is from the east side and what will be our walk-out basement.

a crane places precast concrete panels into position for the foundation

View of the south and east side walls of the foundation being installed.


Lori peers through a foundation window.

Lori peers through what will be a window into her basement pottery studio. Foundation and frost walls for house, garage, and breezeway are all complete.