two sets of hands work over various house planning documents

Two years ago we bought a 5-acre lot with the intention of building our retirement home on it.  Selecting a builder, developing a house plan, sorting through construction options, selecting heating and cooling, settling on flooring and cabinets and siding and endless other details–it’s been a pile of work and we’ve only recently broken ground.

We ended up selecting a local builder with 30 years experience and a superb reputation, particularly with new friends and future neighbors who built on neighboring properties.  We decided to go with geothermal heating and cooling.  We also decided to go with modular construction, primarily due to the opportunity for better quality control, leading-edge construction techniques, and faster construction times.

We also have already run into unpleasant surprises having to do with gas leases, financing, and their relationship.  There will be some future posts devoted to these topics in detail, along with some warnings for anyone thinking of pursuing a similar path.  I’ll try to post pictures of the progress as we go along as well.  Things are, almost suddenly, moving along very quickly now.